What can you get from Medlite Pharmacy? Here are a few of the services we offer and we offer them to you in the best quality; that no other pharmacy can equal the wonderful healthcare shopping experience you get from our drugstore.

Pharmacist checking the prescription of a senior

We Offer Free Delivery
Free Blood Pressure Checks
Occasional Free Health Clinics
We Provide Off Site and On Site Immunizations
Service Customized to Patients Needs.
All Major Insurances, Including Medicaid and Medicare Accepted

Services Customize To Patients Needs

To make the wellness experience easy on our customers, we accept electronic prescriptions from doctors which we deliver in a timely manner to the patient. We promise:

  • To Exceed Your Overall Satisfaction
  • Guarantee Speed and Accuracy
  • Courtesy and Helpfulness
  • Greater Expertise and More Attention
  • Shorter Wait Times
  • Consistent Access To Needed Medicines
  • To Match Competitors’ Prices

We provide quality, timely and dependable service. We ensure your phone calls are answered in a timely manner. We guarantee the highest quality and the lowest prices. We recognize the value of our patients’ time, so we ensure your needs are met in a timely manner.